Shipping, Cargo and Consolidation Services

Stop Paying Peak Season Surcharges!!!

Stop receiving crushed goods!!!

Stop receiving goods that have just been tossed in a container!!!

Ship with a company that you know and trust!!!

St.Thomas Cargo is now in the shipping business.


Shipping with us is as easy as 1-2-3. Have your items delivered to our new warehouse in Florida, send us the invoice and you can pick them up at our St. Thomas warehouse a few days later. We'll consolidate your items or send them as they come in. We'll even deliver them to you if you want.

Ship a couple of items or ship a couple of containers full of items, we'll provide the same great service we've always provided.

Cargo Services

Shipping to Us in Medley, Florida

1. Place your order and have your vendor send cargo to you:

Ship to: Your Name or Company

C/O St. Thomas Cargo

9700 NW 91st CT, Medley, FL 33178

2. Email a copy of your invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and include your phone number so that we can contact you. If you are shipping used items, please email an inventory list for customs purposes when cargo arrives.

3. Cutoff is Wednesday at noon. All cargo accompanied by an invoice will make the Thursday sailing. Vessel arrives the following Sunday.


E-mail Notification

We'll let you know when your cargo ships and when it arrives in St. Thomas.

U.S. Customs Duties and Local USVI Fees

To avoid delays, please let your shipper know that an invoice is required in order to clear your freight through U.S. Customs and the Virgin Islands Bureau of Revenue (VIBIR) in St. Thomas prior to shipping to St. Thomas. VIBIR charges 4.2% of the invoice value of most items shipped to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Personal goods are exempt from this tax. Also, marine products are exempt from VIBIR Excise Fees, but your invoice must have the words "Marine Products" or the name of the vessel, in order to receive this exemption. Furthermore, U.S. Customs charges a duty on products made in foreign countries - even if it is shipped from the U.S. Please have your invoice state the country of manufacture on the invoice - or risk delays in your shipment or paying duty.

Our staff can help you ensure that your paperwork is in order prior to shipping your item, and walk your shipment through the system so it is cleared and delivered as quickly as the system allows.

Please keep in mind that that the process involves Shipping, ocean freight, security, bunker, bill of lading and insurance. For this reason, if you are shipping several items, we suggest you take advantage of consolidation services and have us hold your small shipments until all of your freight has arrived.


We take great care with your freight, but in any type of cargo handling, damage can happen. For this reason we automatically add insurance to all shipments. This covers most types of damage, but we cannot insure personal belongings or used furniture. The insurance covers the full value of your shipment, plus the cost to re-ship - in the unlikely event that you need to submit a damage or loss claim. If damage or loss does occur, we will assist you with submitting your claim. Claims must be submitted within five (5) days of receipt of your freight. You may decline the insurance charge by submitting an Insurance Waiver Letter. This needs to be done in writing prior to the shipment arriving in Miami. Please note that you are accepting liability for all and any damage should you elect this option.

Labeling Your Shipments

To ensure  that your shipments arrive to their proper destination, please make sure that your supplier uses the following format for labeling your shipments:

Your Name or Your Company Name
C/O St. Thomas Cargo
9700 NW 91st Ct
Medley, FL 33178

St. Thomas Cargo and Ship Services, Inc. Location - St. Thomas

We are located in Subbase, above the WAPA administration building. Simply go up the hill, next to the subbase public tennis courts. Our offices and warehouse are in the large yellow building with STORAGE AND WAREHOUSING written in large red letters on the front of the building

Local Delivery on St. Thomas or St. John

At your request, we would be happy to have your shipment cleared and delivered to your place of residence or business. All of your charges: Shipping, US Customs, VIBIR and local delivery can be paid at the time of delivery. When we contact you to inform you of the arrival of your shipment, just ask us to arrange for clearance and delivery.